wireheads lane

Kenny // Tom // Tim // Lucy // Dom // Dan

Like many a fabled rock n roll story Wireheads formed through a chance encounter at a show (it was Bitch Prefect at Format. Thanks for asking). The band has gone through a few transformations since then but seem to have found their way with the current lineup.

Wireheads play a bare boned, honest garage punk informed by the late sixties with a few queues from folk and the straight up performances of Townes Van Zandt. Gut graveling vocals are met with sonic violin, straight up guitar and the recent addition of female vocal harmonies.

Wireheads released it first recordings through fellow Adelaide independent label Major Crimes, a four track cassette recorded by band member Tom Spall.

Their up coming debut full length entitled The Late Great will be Format Records’ first release, slated for May 2014. ¬†Recorded over a week in November by Pat Lockwood at East St and mixed by Tom Spall.¬†


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